Friday, January 2, 2015

First 'Post' of the year

Look what came in the 'post'! Thanks, Mary!

You might also notice those are two Netflix DVDs underneath the Coffeeneuring patch. I anticipate watching a great deal of TV over the winter and I upped my subscription. I'm taking a mental tally of all the things that will be different this winter: less biking, more TV, no Errandonnee-ing. Argh, I'm going to miss out on earning that patch!

However, I was able to get some biking in to perform some maintenance on one of my Geocaches today, it's just a mile away from work and it had gone missing again last week. It's a magnetized cache that I've hidden among the War memorials along the North Shore.

I was able to dismount the bike without laying it down on the ground, this is more progress in the knee's mobility. I still need to lay the bike down to mount it though. This means I'm not able to go on errands, group rides or anything that requires getting on the bike in front of other people; I feel silly.

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