Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bike Share ribbon cutting, Steel City Showdown

The mulberries are still not quite ripe at many of my haunts, must wait until June for the ripe, juicy deliciousness.

This blows.

Sunday was the official first day of Pittsburgh's Bike Share program. I got up early, met Marko, Yale and Jon to witness the roll out and then I rode back to work where I put in a few hours to make up for some time I took off for a wicked respiratory infection complete with barking cough, shivering sweaty fever, 15 hours of sleep a day, sinus issues and no appetite whatsoever. I'd lost 7 pounds and 2 days of work... and I never call off sick, so this was significant. I even saw doctors that gave me a nebulizer treatment which was surprisingly helpful in allowing me to breathe better.

County Exec Fitzgerald makes opening remarks.

Roll out!

I was finally 95% of my former self, I wanted to get out and watch the Steel City Showdown races, so after a few hours in the office I rode down and watched with a full crew: Marko, Jonathan, Paul, Sarah Q, Stef, Tricia, Ric... it was very nice to get out in the sun, talk with humans and even ride out a rainstorm in my raincape with them.
We watched 4 divisions, men's masters (45+), men's cat 3/4, the women's 1/2/3 and then the men's 1/2/3. It was interesting to feel the breeze the pack created as they raced by.
As we were leaving, a participant said to his friends waiting at the finish line: "I think I broke my arm." Odd, because we saw no crashes.

Larry Roberts/Post-Gazette

Marko: award-winning photobombing of Tricia's shot.

Marko and I left downtown and headed to Lawrenceville to check out Iron City Bikes 10th anniversary party. I was famished and was happy to see the Taco Truck parked there. I inhaled a chorizo taco and watched ICB raffling off wares and accessories. We also watched a stunt show.

So tired at the end of the day despite only riding 14 miles.

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