Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Slow Roll, interrupted and Cinco De Mayo

My second attempt at completing a Slow Roll ride was thwarted yet again by rain.

Photos by Paul B:

I bugged out mid-ride when the skies darkened and the wind started gusting ferociously and I was getting sandblasted with road debris. Then, it was a game of "Outpedal the Thunderstorm" Thankfully, I won...

Murphy's Law was in effect: if you bring rain gear, it won't rain. If you don't bring rain gear, it will rain.
The weather report said there was a 35% chance of rain after 9PM, so I thought I was safe in not bringing the raincape. Nope.

I discovered an interesting aspect of Strava: it let me know who was also using Strava on the ride. Cool.



The next evening was Flock's Cinco De Mayo themed ride. The weather called for severe thunderstorms, so I brought my raincape. Naturally, not a single drop of rain fell.
Again: Murphy's law.
It was a smaller group, we only got separated once. The trailer played Bolero music, I found myself dancing to one song in particular... Gipsy Kings: 'Bamboleo'

After peeking at my rear video to hear the song again, I noticed nearly everyone was dancing to it... even the adorable 3-year old riding with his dad.

It was also my first time riding a bike in the Armstrong tunnel.

Photos by Chris A: 

Notable thing saw along the way:

A brand-spanking new HealthyBike station AKA: PiBS or HELBikes (Pittsburgh's soon to be spawned bike share system)

I opted out of the tequila and tacos afterwards as I have work in the morning: vacation OVER.

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