Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just say "no" and not poking bears.

This driver felt I needed to be riding in the parking lane during the AM rush hour, I don't like riding over there because... I'm not inclined to weave in and out of traffic to avoid the intermittent parked/stopped vehicles. I'd much rather take the lane and wait a few seconds longer.
This is an odd street, sometimes it's two lanes, but there's almost always a delivery truck parked in the right lane. As I turn onto the street, and attempt to get in the line of traffic that is off to the left to avoid a delivery truck stopped up ahead, impatient Jeep comes up quickly behind me and attempts to pass with maybe a foot of clearance.
I'm only a half a car length behind the car ahead of me.  
Where is he trying to go?
I yell at him to "Back off!"

While we're waiting in traffic, Jeep driver motions for me to get over to the side and out of his way. I say "No."
He motions again, I say "No." again.

(at 0:32 in the video, you can see the expression on a pedestrian's face as he thinks I'm saying "No!" to him instead of the driver behind me, rather amusing.)

While we waited some more at the next light, I strongly considered a snarky smile or a sarcastic wave or blowing him a kiss as I dismounted at my destination, but I thought better of it. I'm making progress. I just turned my back and walked away.

Deliberately provoking already agitated people either with angry words or even with overly saccharine gestures isn't very smart... it's like poking a wounded bear with a short stick.

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