Sunday, May 24, 2015

Waiting around the mulberry bush.

I'm anxiously awaiting the berries along the trails to start ripening in June. I was erroneously calling them raspberries last year, but I'm thinking they're actually mulberries.
Mis-identification aside, I can't wait for them to ripen, they're delicious. I can see the berries are still white and unripe right now.

I finally got a floor pump with a gauge. I wasn't having much luck with the other pumps in my life. I'm too short for the Dero station pumps. I have to nearly climb on top of the pump to use it.

I picked it up at Thick and have used it once so far. I smashed my hand against the brake rotors twice trying to get the valve unhooked. Twice. Other than that, I like the pump... nice height, the gauge works well.

1 pump, strapped to bike.
I've always wondered where this path off of Junction Hollow trail would take me, the maps say there's a lake in Schenley Park.
Where will this lead?

As it turns out, you need to illegally cross railroad tracks to get over to that lake. Nope. No thanks. Why does this show on Google Maps as a viable trail? Feh.

I rode out to the Waterfront and stopped to admire the hard work of a volunteer who cut back lots of knotweed. So awesome.
No knotweed encroachment here!
At the Waterfront, a fly-by-night bike rental place has popped up. Word's gotten around about the poor quality bikes and shady folks operating it already. Hmmm.

I was meeting someone for dinner at the Waterfront and discovered lots of parking near the restaurant. Nice.

Fizz looks lonely.

I was dismayed to discover that a small company that catered to women's bike clothing was going out of business. Their normally expensive bike pants were now affordable at 60% off.

I like them, but I can't seem to get the magnetic ankle strap thing to work. I can feel a magnet in the strap hidden inside the cuff, but I can't find the corresponding magnet to join it to.

I also found my new favorite bike shorts:

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