Friday, January 1, 2016

Icycle Bicycle 2016

Due to a knee injury, I'd missed last year's Icycle Bicycle ride. I was feeling a great deal of chemo-awfulness on NewYear's Eve and was worried I'd be sitting yet another Icycle Bicycle out. Thankfully, I felt well enough to leave the apartment and hop on the bike.

This ride seems to bring many different niches of the cycling community together: roadies, noobs, freds, recumbents, hipster fixies, commuters and randonneurs alike all come together to ring/ride in the new year. This makes me happy.
The number of people I knew increased exponentially from 2014 and I was good to see so many familiar faces and even ran into old friend and recent Boston transplant Ornoth.

Someone caught me enjoying/contemplating a cookie generously provided by REI.

We bailed halfway though the ride, citing cold and fatigue... the main objective of the ride being socializing: accomplished.
I've noticed a significant difference now that I have no hair: wow, hair keeps your head really warm! I may enjoy this benefit in the warmer months, but right now I need to ensure that my head is properly protected.

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