Sunday, January 24, 2016

Reusable hand warmers and becoming un-snowbound

I've needed hand warmers on several of my commutes.
I decided to make my own! These are stuffed with pinto and kidney beans. I'm reading that feed corn works well too at a longer-lasting version when compared to the smaller rice grain variety of hand warmers. They work for about 20 minutes in a sub-20° ride which work well for my 25 minute commute.

I used a bike-themed purple flannel. Marko brought over some feed corn that will fill future projects.

I'm still flabbergasted by selfish, careless, impatient drivers.

We had bit of snow over the weekend and I was pestered to go 'play in the snow', but I was having none of that. I'm not a fan of touching, throwing, getting hit with or lying down in the the snow intentionally. Having woken up on Sunday morning to a Tag-O-Rama posted less than a half a mile from the apartment forced me out of the snowbound confinement.

One of Pittsburgh's many 'city steps'; this one is on Herron Ave
We found an interesting food truck/trailer to set as our new tag. 

Being snowbound has it's advantages though: Marko made a batch of pretzels (I helped by making the non-pretzel shaped pretzels).

Mmmm, CARBS.

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