Monday, February 8, 2016

Rides through the eye of the video camera

Sometimes the camera sees scary things happen.
For the record, I start signaling as soon as I hit the crosswalk, (I had trouble getting the text to pop up at the exact moment I wanted to in the editor... I'm still learning the tricks of iMovie.) I gave plenty of warning to other vehicles that I was changing lanes.

This spot along Penn ave seems to be jinxed:

The camera also sees pedestrians getting the short end of the stick frequently.

Other times, you run across some really cool sights and the camera lets you go back and see them for a second time.


  1. How would someone normally get into that "protected bike lane"? It just seems dangerous to cross lanes to get there.

    1. Changing lanes at some point between that crosswalk and the cycletrack is the only way to get over there. It's also where the cars tend to speed up because they're past all the stores where there are frequently trucks stopped making deliveries and people crossing the street.


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