Saturday, February 13, 2016

Unboxing: Cygolite Hotshot Pro 80

I've owned a Cygolite Hotshot for two years now and I love it. Having learned that they've made several upgrades to the light since I've made my purchase I was curious about the newer models.
I got a Cygolite Hotshot Pro 80 yesterday and I almost think it's too bright. They warn not to look directly at the light. I must also warn you not to look directly into the light. Ouch.

  • Price: in the $40 range.
  • Convenience: USB rechargeable. No stinking alkalines to leak or replace. It's a good idea to charge it frequently, but you can forget to charge it for several uses and it's not going to die on you.
  • Battery life: 2.75 hours on steady mode. 300 hours on  blinking mode. 
  • Versatility: you can clip it to your helmet, clip it to a pannier, mount it to your frame, you choose.
  • Brightness: 80 Lumens.
  • Flash modes: Steady, single blink, triple blink, random blink, zoom and and SteadyPulse. You can even adjust the speed of the blink and pulse modes easily.
  • Durability: I'll assume it's just as durable as the SL model.

Side by side

The 80's beam is above, larger and brighter

 I've not yet used it on the bike, but we will soon and plan to try and get observations in a dark environment.

10/18/16 Update: yes, this thing is damned bright. Marko hates riding behind me in the dark, it blinds him. We switched it to mount on the rack (rather than my helmet), lower so it's not hitting him in the eyes, but it's still too bright. We make sure he rides in the front when we're out at night.

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