Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Another memorial ride, differing opinions and rocket science

The death of Mike McDermott last month sent the local cycling club that he was a member of as well as all of the Pittsburgh bike community into mourning yet again. Another memorial ride.

In an interesting twist, the gentleman who was riding sweep for the club insisted that we not take the lane, in any situation. Several of us disagreed with the argument that we needed to ride far right in order to 'show respect to' the motorists. We felt riding in the center of the lane encouraged safe passes instead of having motorists squeeze into the lane with us with oncoming traffic. 
We're not compromising our safety, and so we left the ride. Disconcerting and disappointing.

More Clohn art.

An icy Allegheny

A potential new Coffeeneuring location!

Anyone who exercises outdoors in the winter knows all too well the affliction of snot. Joggers, cross-country skiers, curlers, snowboarders and cyclists alike produce copious amounts of nasal mucous. It's gross, this common bodily function. How do you deal with it? Wipe it on your glove? I've been making a symphony of sniffles, snorts and such, but sometimes it's just not enough and I've found myself sporting snotcicles. Yuck.
I needed to learn to... well... blow snot rockets while riding. If I do remember to bring tissues with me, I don't have time or a place to pull over, remove my gloves and empty the snot locker. Marko offered some helpful advice on technique, while I fretted about discretion. This is NOT a ladylike thing to do and I've not had any practice.

Bicycling magazine even writes about tips for cyclists, citing snot rocket etiquette. Who knew? http://www.bicycling.com/training/bike-skills/how-blow-snot-rocket

My first attempt led to a shoulder covered in boogers. My second attempt was a success though.

Achievement unlocked!

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  1. A- Snot tossing from the nose is gross and has very little control. I've been sprayed a few times by cyclists doing this maneuver.. Yuck!
    B- EW!!


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