Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Oblivious Ones return and Creepy Pants

Ah, Spring! It ushers away the cold and the snow... the trails open back up and... oh... The Oblivious Ones are back on the trail again. Great. Maybe I'll stick to riding with traffic... I actually feel safer out there.

Watch as Noob Jogger passes on the right and Mister Oblivious Giant nearly konks him in the head with his gesticulations.

Cat-6 'ed again. He's a messenger, so he *should* being going faster than an old crippled woman.

I worked most of today and only got a short ride in, but I made sure to hit the sale Thick Bikes was having on clothing. I picked up an Endura softshell hooded jacket.

My new jacket's not hi-viz!? Wha?
It was so warm that I only needed ONE layer. I can't remember what's that's like. While I was taking a short ride, I felt a breeze on my calves... I look down and I'm suddenly wearing shorts. My pants had crept up so far that my calves were exposed. I have a wicked case of Winter Fur, so this was distressing. I stopped, pulled the pants down, but they kept creeping back up... everywhere... with each pedal stroke. Normally, a second layer underneath would be keeping the pants in place.


  1. Snap with the flu!

    My late father had a canny plan to deal with the oblivious ones. His theory was that every time you visited a remote spot or used a particular route in horrible winter weather you should notch-up a credit. Then, on perfect spring days, access to these areas would be restricted to people with the requisite number of credits.

  2. I am also excited when passed by non-pregnant men on their bikes. I am sure it gives them sure satisfaction that they managed to pass me.


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