Friday, December 25, 2015

Hair loss and bike gains

Last week the hair loss started. Even after large handfuls fell out, I still had lots left on my head.

 I opted for the interim haircut. It was a way for me not only to get used to short hair, but to reduce the number of red tumbleweeds rolling around the apartment.
I haven't had short hair since the early 90's. I was apprehensive about how short hair would look on me. I was pleasantly surprised and I loved this short pixie/bob.
day 1

day 2

day 4 and you can see the thinning.
After becoming utterly frustrated with hair covering every surface in the apartment as well as bald patches cropping up, I asked Marko to hack it all off. My adorable new haircut lasted all of 5 days.

Tying to interject humor in the process of this traumatic event, we tried to recreate Natalie Portman's hair-shaving scene in V For Vendetta.

"It feels so weird!"

So much hair!
I'd been given clearance to ride hills (with stipulations, warnings and such) so we went on a few short, slow rides while we had warm pre-Christmas weather. It was warm enough one evening to grab some ice cream. ICE CREAM in late December.

We checked out the Kaufmann's window displays

It seemed everyone was out riding on The Eve, we bumped into Yale, Geoffrey and chatted with Noah for a bit near the Eagles Nest. It was good to have this great riding weather, not be limited to the flat parts of the city and deal with the inconvenience of driving the bikes somewhere on the back of the car. It's really nice to just roll your bike out the front door and have shopping, bike lanes and trails within a mile's ride. Living in the City is good.


  1. I haven't been receiving notices of your blog posts so I am pathetically out of date. Dang. Damn. I hate cancer. You seem to be doing pretty well considering. Mrs. RC had a rather serious run in with the C three years ago. Very rare salivary gland cancer. Radiation. No chemo. No fun. No recurrence. Knocking wood like crazy. Having had lots of health problems over the years I know one thing: just keep plugging away. It's pretty much all you can do. Ice cream always helps. More ice cream helps more.

    1. We're finding that humor and good food helps tremendously. Thanks. May all of Mrs RC's tests come back negative.


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