Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Opening Day makes for new, old routines

Monday was Opening Day.
Baseball... one of my other passions.

The view from our seats

Opening Day is a Holiday in the US, and in colder climes it represents the return of Spring and the end of Winter. Thankfully we were blessed with a Home Opener. Sometimes the Home Opener is plagued by bad weather, but this year we were doubly blessed with a sun-drenched day. I got a burn on one side of my face and one ear.

I like to ride my bike to the Park, it's only 3 miles round trip, but being forced to walk those 3 miles that might cripple me for days vs an easy ride on the bike.
Walking 3 miles vs those same 3 miles on a bike are vastly different things. One will kill me, the other is a breeze.
Least year, I was using a different bike with no pannier.
Now, I have decisions to make: do I leave the pannier and basket on the bike? They'll be stolen or damaged if I leave them, or someone will make off with anything I leave in the pannier. Decision made: leave them off.

So, I have to strip the bike down whenever I go to a game. This will be a routine I don't like. Should I convert the pannier to a waterproof camera bag? Maybe I should get a new camera bag that fits on the bike? Maybe a backpack?   Arrrgh! Decisions!

I was perfectly happy with my basket/pannier/bag setup and now I need new routine(s) and setups for Game Days and non-Game Days... one for dry days and one for rainy days.

This will take planning and at least one new bag. I'll probably have all the kinks worked out by mid-September.

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  1. It certainly is a special day. How I miss it back in Detroit. Its just not the same inn a non-baseball town like Las Vegas. At lest the Tigers got a win as did the Pirates. Unfortunately I think you are right about needing to remove the pannier and basket when you go to the games. A waterproof camera bag you can take with you seems to be one of the best options.


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