Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm your Huckleberry bike messenger

Today, I was a bike messenger! Well, not an entire day, but for a little over an hour at least.

I offered to run some items from the office over to 18th and East Carson to one of our fundraisers. 9 miles in total on a warm, bright day. The security guard made me wait much longer than I needed to, but I wasn't complaining to wait in air-conditioning.

I'd hauled it to get there and back quickly. I broke the 15MPH speed limit on more than one occasion. My reasoning for doing so was that if I dawdled and took longer than an employee driving over there, that they'd never ask me to deliver anything by bike again. I really wanted this to be a semi-regular gig. I wanted my co-workers to have it in their heads that "We can send Speegs over on her bike instead of driving over there!" I see far too many co-workers taking trips into town where they pay for parking, mileage and gas just to drop things off just a few miles away. So wasteful. My services were free (minus my on-the-clock time) and they didn't have to tip.

The Trucker is perfectly suited to transport boxes too.

I'd made it back in time for my boooring budget meeting. Joy.

I'm doing so much better handling the bike, riding in the hoods is much less painful (in fact, today's ride was pain-free) as I adapt to a completely different riding position. The switchbacks are getting easier. I'm still looking forward to tomorrow's bike fitting with Adam where I can get my tuchus on a Brooks.

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