Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fizz gets stripped, blasted and baked

I'd like to introduce you to Fizz. Fizz is my soon-to-be Disc Trucker. A Surly Long Haul Trucker with disc brakes. I picked up the frame on July 24th from Thick and handed her off to Dan B so he could powder coat her in a bright yellow instead of the dull green or dark maroon available from Surly. Dan worked on the frame while I vacationed in San Fransisco and he sent along photos of the progress for me. How awesome is Dan? The process is fascinating to me and here, I'll share with you:


Using chemical stripper to remove the bulk of the previous powdercoat. My Precious.

The sandblasting cabinet

Before any blasting...this is the fork after chemical stripping of the prior coat of powder.

Crown has been blasted, legs are mostly untouched.
Left leg has been blasted clean, right is mostly untouched.

Here's the fork after baking, and the frame about to be powdered.
Dropout Porn

More Porn: look at those purdy lug welds.

The powder: RAL 1018


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