Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pedals, popcorn and perilous passing

A nice, yet hot day in the city, I was able to get out for my first somewhat lengthy ride in a great while.

Stopped at Thick to pick out some pedals and a rear-view mirror for Fizz. I was told she's still disassembled in a box waiting for the new decals from Surly.
I'm sooooo close to having her!
I was pleased to no end when earlier in the week Elizabeth had asked me to judge Thick's Bike Beauty Pageant held for the Bike PGH! BikeFest party. Unfortunately, we had baseball tickets that night and I missed out not only on the party and pageant, but the honor of being a judge. Poo.
The good news is that VB's Trucker won best Antelope AND Best in Show. Congrats! I can't be accused of favoritism now. So much awesome there.

I pedaled off to the Waterfront, snacked and rested at the Pump House and turned around with no incidents from motorists. Wow.

Then I stopped in the Strip for some bulk popcorn at Marty's Market. Have I mentioned how much I love popcorn? Nom.

Headed back to base via Smallman, which is an alternate to the trail that's still under construction. I'm not a fan of Smallman Street. The lanes are indeterminate, very wide and give you just enough room for you and a close pass with a car. I take the lane where it gets narrow-ish but cars still like to pass even with oncoming traffic.
I had a driver try and do a u-turn right in front of me, then try and pass me with oncoming traffic.

Here's today's road-rage incident (my apologies for the coarse language):

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