Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bike Cemetery tour and Try-a-Bike

I started out early to hit the Bike Tour of Allegheny Cemetery hosted by BikePGH! and the Lawrenceville Historical Society.
We learned all about the folks buried there who've had a street in Pittsburgh named after them. Chislett, McKee, Craig, Neville, Negley, etc..

Then it was off to the Bud Harris Cycle Track to engage in the Try-A Bike Jamboree.

I had a chance to try a Brompton Foldie, a Surly Krampus fattie and Joanne rode me around as the cargo in a bakfiets or cargo bike. So much fun was had being the cargo. I was curious to hear if pedalling 138 pounds around in the cargo bike was cumbersome, but Joanne said it wasn't. Such great engineering there.

Photo Courtesy: Elizabeth of Thick Bikes

This fattie is meant for tall people, I hit pretty hard on the top bar. Ow.

Hung out all afternoon with friends goofing around on cool bikes. What's not to love about a day like this?
I wasn't adventurous enough for the recumbents, tall bikes or unis. I really wanted to try the tandem, but got distracted and it didn't pan out.
It was a hot day and I was getting dehydrated despite drinking lots of water.
Forgetting to use sunscreen again, I got burned a second day in a row. Burn on top of day-old sunburn sucks and I'm recuperating with lots of liquids and lotions.

Yale on the Clown Bike:
Photo Courtesy: Elizabeth of Thick Bikes

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