Thursday, September 4, 2014

Enablers of my addictions.


I have a co-worker whom I say to "You're the DEVIL!" whenever she does things like this:

Lincoln bakery donuts.

Her candy 'bowl'
The candy bowl doesn't have the crappy hard candies and peppermints, she's got the gooood stuff in there: Reese's, Almond Joy, Special Dark...Why does she enable my food addiction? I've told her I have sugar (hypoglycemia) issues, she's an EMT too!


I needed to outfit Fizz with panniers, I had fun choosing those.
But, I was trying to find a bag to tote around my essentials in. I was searching Goodwill and other thrift stores for a bag that would fit my needs and coming up empty.
I'm loving on Rickshaw Bagworks. You can build your own messenger bag in the colors and accessories of your choosing. I really enjoyed that. They also have a fun option where they'll post a photo to your Twitter feed of your custom bag when they're done sewing it up in the factory. Whoa, I needed that.

However, my bag's Tweet went haywire and they posted my home address for every Rickshaw Bagworks follower to see. I didn't need that. Thankfully, it was only up for 4 minutes or so before they deleted it and apologized.

Well, this is my new hi-viz waterproof bag. I love it even if it didn't burn the retinas of everyone watching Rickshaw Bagworks' Twitter feed.

Compulsive Behaviours:

When I passed by this bike, I was drawn to it: what in the hell happened here? I wanted so very badly to untangle this mess.

I wondered how this person transported their cable about while they were riding... did they need a huge backpack for it?
What was the point in all the extra cable? To trip up bike thieves? To distract them?

I had these images in my head:

Anyway, on a lighter note... ones that don't involve my addictive, compulsive tendencies:

I checked out today's continuing work on the Penn Ave bike lanes . More signs, more paint. So happy. A few drivers are still under the impression that Penn is open to motor vehicles. I came face to face with one confused driver in the Strip and had to tell him he was going the wrong way down a one-way street. I felt a certain extra sense of camaraderie with the other cyclists in our new bike lane, I smiled broadly at them as they approached. I thought they'd have the same happy 'new bike lane' feeling, but they ignored me and didn't return my greetings. Meh.

The Drive With Care campaign:

Bus shelter ad on the Blvd

My Spoke Card.

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  1. DONUTS!!! I love you bag. I need something bright and then a Tweet with my address. Sheesh, now you will get creepy fan mail! Maybe someone will send you donuts and candy. Those spoke cards are so cool. Maybe I can convince some force here in Seattle to make ones.


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