Sunday, September 7, 2014

The bike lane in training wheels, and vice versa

Friday, I made a local newscast:

They caught me using the temporary Warhol bridge bike lane; I also caught them catching me:

How not to wear a messenger bag:

You'll see me adjust my bag on the newscast. I was getting rather frustrated with the bag sliding down my back. I figured I wasn't wearing it correctly and did a bit of research. Yes, I was wearing it as if I was left-handed. No wonder it was sliding around!

My backward-thinking brain assumed the best way was to wear it was slung over my right shoulder, but I was wrong. My brain also thinks the best way to hold a guitar is the left-handed way too.

Growing pains and training wheels

The bike lanes are having some growing pains, drivers are getting used to it's presence, cyclists are adapting to shifting lanes to hop into it inbound (16th Street) and out of it outbound (14th Street? I haven't figured out this maneuvering yet.)
Essentially, the new lanes still have the training wheels on.

On Sunday, we were due to have fabulous weather, so I made time for a day-long ride. I began at base which is transformed into a Tailgater's Heaven on football game days.

Before I left, I wanted to load the Trucker up with all the waterproof baggage I'd gotten for long, wet trips. I think it'll do well for multi-day trips on the GAP that I hope to take.
But, will it carry all my stuff?
 I also hooked up my new u-lock tote from Dill Pickle. I used it all day and I love it. It doesn't rattle a bit!
I ventured off to McKeesport via the new Penn Ave bike lane, stopped in the Strip for a coffee and fruit, then to the South Side and pittstops at REI's and the PumpHouse's bathrooms. I made a turnaround in McKeesport and noticed a pizza place that had dedicated bike parking. Awesome! I have to patronize this place for lunch! However, they had no pizza and 2/3 of the items on the menu were crossed off. Scary. I won't be going back there.

The bike rentals will close up shop soon.

Gorgeous weather!
I met hubby for dinner, DINNER? I left before seemed I was out for 8 hours putzing around in the out-of-doors!

On the way back to base, I saw the most heartwarming thing in the bike lane:

I made good time and got a new PR

When I made it back to base, the animals that were tailgating left a mess:

I was forced to move someone's slobbery glass beer bottle placed behind my car in order to leave my parking spot. Gross.

43.3 miles, a kick-ass day.

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