Monday, September 1, 2014

RUST!? Saddle snafus and the Cowboy Mount

I'd gone down to the garage this morning to clean limestone grit out of the disc brakes and off the drivetrain. Whoa. RUST? The chain was considerably rusty and I couldn't understand why. This was the first time I'd had the bike out in the rain and overnight rust had accumulated? Wow. I gave everything a good cleaning and some lube and was on my way. This was not a good way to start our day.

I rode around town mainly with the intention of finding the perfect saddle adjustment. Adam's setting wasn't working, neither were any of mine. I discovered that if I didn't re-tighten the bolt with my best attempt at man-strength, the saddle would give way with a loud "that didn't sound good" bang. It happened twice before I learned my lesson. Every few miles, I'd stop, adjust the saddle and still ride uncomfortably.

I bought some gloves with much better gel pads. By they end of today's 20 mile ride, I had no hand numbness issues. Oh, and they're hi-viz!

Happened to catch some of the Labor Day parade, impeding my regular path up the Blvd of the Allies.

Rode out to the Waterfront, I needed a 'pool' photo for a scavenger hunt. I thought the pools at Sandcastle would be a good bet, but stopping along that stretch when there's a constant stream of cyclists going 15+MPH isn't safe. So, I opted for this pool at the Waterfront Starbucks:

Well... hello, Speedo Man!

On the EFT I was passed by Speedo Man who made a point of getting up out of the saddle to get some speed up to pass me. I was surprised by his scantily clad all up in my face buttocks and being a complete juvenile, I started silently giggling. Joggers running towards me saw me laughing and they smiled because they knew why.

The Cowboy Mount

When I returned, I wanted to take advantage of the empty parking lot and spend some time teaching myself the Cowboy Mount. All the cool kids are doing it. I clearly have balance issues and a major fear of falling and I'm reluctant to swing my leg up while the bike is in motion.

You want those 3 minutes and 24 seconds of your life back, don't you? I was hoping I'd fall in the video and it would make for great comedy, but no such luck.
Sorry, folks.

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