Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Money Shots

When I started out today, was surprised to see barriers at the casino employee parking area. The employees have long been a blight upon the trail. They've nearly run down pedestrians and cyclists on numerous occasions, I've seen it and complained to the casino and Friends of the Riverfront.  I know others have complained too, but we were ignored until a local journalist was nearly run down. She complained directly to the employee who was driving on the trail, to the casino security... and she was ignored also... until she tweeted about it.
It took less than 18 hours for these barriers to be installed. Wow. Awesome.
Rather sad though... the casino doesn't care about our safety until the the threat of bad press is upon them?

I was delighted to tweet a photo of the quick results of her handiwork. I really hope the barriers remain in place.

 I went off in search of eagles.
 The eggs in the Bald Eagles' nest are hatching. The 2nd of three eggs hatched today. The news crews were out in force. I lingered with the media, the birders and the eagle groupies. Then one of the parents went on a food run. I missed the takeoff because I was goofing with my phone. Dammit. I moved my position and before too long the parent returned with food in it's talons.

This crappy cellphone picture simply does no justice to what I saw with my own eyes.

We watched as this majestic bird slowed it's wingbeats to land in the nest. It was jaw-dropping. We went silent. This beast is enormous. The wingspan is breathtaking. As soon as the eagle landed, the news crews had the money shot. They'd gotten what they came for. They started packing up their camera equipment and leaving. I did too. I'd seen a rare and spectacular event. What more could I ask for?

I left and went to the Strip. I stopped at a market for a bathroom and bulk organic popping corn. I love popcorn. Buttered popcorn is another of my vices.
I also made sure to snack, rest and drink while I was there. It had warmed up and I was sweating with all my layers.

I headed down to Millvale and visited another spot for a wonderful skyline shot.

I'm a parking scofflaw.

26 miles on a gorgeous windy day.

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