Friday, April 24, 2015

Betabrand's Bike-To-Work skirt

I bought one of these skirts last year in gray and I've spent the past year loving it. It's durable and functional, the zippers work well on the gussets and it looks great as both office wear and super cute as cycling wear. The back pocket is reflective too.

I decided to get the black version a year later. Because: BLACK. Despite all the hi-viz you see me wearing here on the blog/cycling, I'm a 80-s punk/goth black-loving weirdo. I gravitate towards black. "I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel in the inside." It's very Johnny Cash-esque.

But, I digress... back to this awesome skirt:

It's a tad expensive, but with a coupon and free shipping, it makes it less painful on the wallet.

Use caution at Betabrand's cart checkout: I approved a lower amount on my credit card then found out later that the amount charged to my card was a higher amount (minus the coupon I'd worked hard for!) so I had to fight to get that refunded to my card.

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