Monday, April 6, 2015

Bike lane woes and wows/ Pittsburgh Slow Roll

Morning ride:
I had another somewhat close encounter with an oblivious pedestrian. She was rather rude after I yelled to let her know I was about to collide with her.

Later in the evening the first Slow Roll Pittsburgh ride was taking place. I rode over to Market square and had a drink and noshed on some fries at Primanti's with Jeffery who was also waiting for Slow Roll.

Quite an assemblage for the first ride.

The weather reports told me the rain wouldn't start until 10PM. They lied. It started drizzling as we left. I was ill prepared.

When we reached the still closed Clemente Bridge, I decided to wig out of the ride, grab a photo or two of these tremendous bike lane markings honoring Roberto Clemente and head home before the rain ruined my hair.

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