Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Social anxieties and The Poet Tree

In the evening, I rode to BikePGH!'s offices for a meeting/orientation thing. I force  myself into social situations in the hopes that I'll become less awkward.

Jane and Becca asked us to pair up with another volunteer to bone up on our verbal combat of common BikeLash phrases.

Lo and behold, I was paired up with another seemingly socially awkward man. We dutifully completed our assignment quickly and while the other pairs of volunteers chatted gleefully, we silently fidgeted and such.
Overall, the meeting went well: free pizza and it didn't rain on me!

On the way back I stopped to see an interactive art installation along the trail.

Go ahead, create a poem!

So, I did... sort of...

The Poet Tree even has birds.


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