Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bike lane blockages, commuter civvies and City of Asylum

Dear Benedum Center: stop it. Stop parking your trucks on the sidewalk and bike lane. Pedestrians and cyclists  have to walk and swerve into oncoming motor traffic because your truck is parked in the bike lane for hours every day.
7:50 AM (outbound) Blocked

Rush Hour: 8:30AM (inbound) STILL blocked.

Some guy felt it necessary to tell me to "Get in the bike lane!" 
Thanks, pal. I would if I could... but I can't.

Commuting practice
If I'm to become a bike commuter, I'll need some practice with arriving at work: ready to work. My commute will be downhill in the mornings, so there's not really a need to don the special wicking and cycling gear. I won't be sweating much. I decided to ride today in my dress/work clothes: skirt,  hose, oxford shirt and wool blazer. The hi-viz compulsion made me wear the loud scarf.

My lunch hour ride sent me to an artsy nook of the NorthSide called City of Asylum

Just Be Good. Excellent advice.

Another Little Free Library find.
I made it back to my desk just before the skies unleashed a violent downpour. WHEW. I was unprepared for rain!

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  1. I wonder if the people who designed that cycletrack were aware that people were going to park in it, and if they were aware, why they didn't have a plan to prevent it. Your best bet is just to avoid it. Nobody parks in the road on Smithfield, Grant or Liberty. I never experience hostility on a bike downtown on any of the surface streets in any lane -- except on Penn Avenue.


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