Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday fish fry ride and yes, I am that clumsy.

Today was Good Friday and that means fried fish smothered in hot sauce for me! Noms.
Marko hosted the Fish Fry ride down to Holy Angels and despite the rainy forecast a few showed: Ray, Dino, Yale and myself. Good food, excellent company, good riding. Not much of the rain reared it's ugly head, which was also very good.

This photo courtesy Marko and his amazing new smartphone.

Afterwards, we rode down to McKeesport and back. This TV was there on the SteelValley trail. Why? I'm not sure, but above it was a recent but small landslide. While I took this picture the conversation turned to landslides. There were gobs of mud rolling down as we talked. Then I started to hear twigs snapping and we left ASAP.


On the way back... well... I'll let the video speak for itself:

My normal approach to a bike fall is when I know a fall is inevitable: don't fight it...just let it happen. Just go down.. let gravity take over and the injuries won't be as bad. However, as the bike laid on the ground the ground-side pedal forced the sky-side pedal to turn and wedge my ankle between the frame and the crank. Tightly too, I was pinned inside the bike and painfully unable to move. Marko carefully untangled my ankle for me.  So embarrassing.

Boy I'm really glad I shaved my legs... you never know when someone's going to have to wrench your ankle out of a bike. Today was this first time I've worn short pants in months, so a shave was long overdue. #winterlegs

One of my Dad's nicknames for me is : Grace a child I was anything but graceful and still as an adult...I'm far from graceful. My Dad's funny.

The crank imprint

The frame-side reddened up and bruised quickly

OMG! Blood! *faint*

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