Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nature: powerful and beautiful

Friday I saw some badassery that I was rather jealous of:

The RiverWalk was flooded after vicious storms, the wind was whipping waves and debris onto it as well. As I was taking a photo, a cyclist appeared, he had ridden through all the water and mud and river flotsam. I gave him a "Nicely done!" as he approached and he told me there wasn't too much splashing. I was actually thinking: "You're crazy!"


The ankle is turning some interesting colors:

Lines: tube sock indentations... not a strange rash!

I've crocheted a  cozy for my u-lock.
Because I can.

You know you want one.

Saturday was glorious, I spent much of the day riding.

Some kite flyers.

The bollards are in on the Clemente Bridge bike lane!

Rode out to the Waterfront and found a huge patch of daffodils on the way.

On the way back, several motorists were rather unkind if not murderous towards me.

After dinner, a glorious sunset over swollen rivers.


  1. I like your U Lock cozy! What kind of yarn did you use? Is it just rows of single crochet?

    1. It's just some cheap Red Heart acrylic stuff... I used a single stitch... because that's the only stitch I know. Double and triple stitches are just too difficult for me.

    2. And thanks! It's already getting torn up by the velcro inside the u-lock holder and really dirty too. I'm not sure how long it'll last.


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