Monday, October 12, 2015

321 Ride and Coffeeneuring #2 and #3

On Sunday, I'd volunteered to help marshal the 321 Ride. As a noob marshal, they paired me with Mikhail and we were stationed out in Highland Park. It was a hairpin, 180 degree turn in the park where if a cyclist took this turn too fast, they'd have a bad time. So, our job was to slow them down, verbally. I suppose we did a good job, as no one ate pavement that morning on that bend.
Afterwards, we rode back to the starting point and snacked and socialized. I got a massage from a tattooed man in a utilikilt.   Yeah!

On our way out to Highland Park, I needed a bathroom and I asked Mikhail if we could stop at Tazza D'Orro. Unfortunately, this would not count for a Coffeeneuring stop because we were just using the bathrooms for bladder relief and a place to take layers off as the temperature was rising.


Afterwards, Marko, Geoffrey and I rode over to Market Square for Coffeeneuring stop #2

My official Coffeeneuring socks

Monday, was a holiday and I had the day off from work, so Marko and I needed to get out and ride, find coffee and enjoy the weather. We stopped for coffee at Schenley Plaza. I noticed that Conflict Kitchen had a one-day Indigenous Peoples Day menu with things like venison stew, pemmican and other Native American dishes.
I like that more folks are using this day to honor Native Americans and shunning the tradition of Columbus Day.
I asked Marko to swing back to Conflict Kitchen after our ride when the line wasn't 30 people deep.

 We hit a few hills, saw some lovely vistas too.

After our ride, we ate venison stew, pemmican with fry bread and an all-too-sweet okdeahgi (root) tea. We weren't sure if it was sassafras, sarsaparilla or licorice, the sugar overpowered the flavor. I think that counts as a coffeeneuring stop too, but rules are rules and we could only count one stop today.
Good, interesting foods with good, interesting company.

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