Sunday, October 18, 2015

OpenStreets, Closed Bridge and other weekend fun

The Strip District trail _promises_to_be_open_"soon". October 31st was the date that they say it'll be open no later than. We rode past one morning and found a City worker taking down the fencing and clearing brush. WOW. This trail's been closed for aver a year and half and it would be nice to have an alternative on my commute.

Friday was Flock and Angela rode in a unicorn onesie. Nice.

Ray's choice of The Cramps for the trailer music delighted me, I'm a big fan of The Cramps.
The band, *not* the horribly painful involuntary muscle contractions.

Saturday, we woke early and rode out to Brentwood for this South Hills suburban community's Open Streets celebration. We met up with Jonathan and Dino on the South Side and then climbed 18th St up into the South Hills. Marko likes to say at the top of each hill: "Last hill, I promise."

It was gawdawfully cold and I just couldn't handle standing out in the cold all morning, I wimped out and found an excuse to go inside for a few hours: I needed a haircut in a bad way, it had been 18 months since my last haircut!

County Exec Fitzgerald addresses the group.

I decided to grab some coffee and make a coffeeneuring stop out of it.

A stop for a warm beverage at Crazy Mocha of Brentwood
Later that evening, we checked out the farewell party to the Greenfield Bridge. We could only tolerate a short period of time out in the cold again before we desperately needed some warmth.

Sunday brought a need to go grocery shopping and a coffeeneuring trip. We chose Shadyside for the density of coffee shops, but every table was taken at Coffee Tree Roasters and we eyed Pamela's Diner across the street for an oppurtunity for bacon and eggs to accompany our coffee.
Bacon for the win!

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  1. I can't bike in a pair of jeans.. I couldn't imagine a onesie.


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