Sunday, October 25, 2015

Coffeeneuring #7, no goat and 'Bikespreading' is a Thing

 We rode to Lawrenceville for some coffee and decided on Caffe D'Amore. We locked up, placed our bags and helmets near a table and then sat at the bar. Our bike stuff took up two spots. I love the coined term 'bikespreading' for this thing that we cyclists do: our stuff takes up almost as much room as we do in a restaurant. Such an awesome word.

It appears this is my final required Coffeeneuring trip. I understand that a change in the rules asks us for a theme. It seems that Marko was my theme... he accompanied me on every trip and had coffee each time except for the Crazy Mocha trip to Brentwood. I somehow encouraged/suckered him into participating in Coffeeneuring for the first time. Yaaaa! Even if he was Coffeeneuring by proxy, so what?
We have just one more trip to complete his challenge.

Later we needed some food and we meandered around until we rode past Salim's in the Strip and I dragged Marko in for falafel, I changed my mind and decided on goat but we were told "Goat is only on the weekend." Confused, because this was Sunday. Marko later told me Friday and Saturday are the Muslim weekend.
So, chicken tandoori and saag paneer instead. No goat for us!
Marko deliberately photobombed my food photo.

Well, that's attractive.

Yes, our stuff takes up a second table. Bikespreading!
 Noticed the Poet Tree is dressed for Halloween. Awesome.

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