Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Blanket is finished and Fred Vests for dogs

This is the wool blanket I started crocheting back in February, while recovering from knee surgery. It's traveled to 6 different states while I worked on it, a separation from my spouse, a new relationship and I finished it while recovering from yet another surgery. I'm hoping my next project doesn't see so many ups and downs in my life. I'd like some calm and quiet in my future, please.

10 months later, The Sock Monkey Blanket is finished.
 Riding on the South Side, we noticed improvements to the Hot Metal Bridge intersection, green paint and widening of the sidewalks on the upstream side of the intersection.

We ended up at the Waterfront (and waved a passing hello to Emma and Q who looked like they were returning from a camping trip) and inside a Petco pet supply store. They're selling little orange reflective Fred safety vests for dogs! I'm easily amused.

Errands and shopping by bike: today felt normal again, not only did my arms feel better on the bars, but we ran errands, shopped and stopped for a meal and coffee: normal things that we did before the surgery. It's good to feel some normalcy again. I'm anxious to get back to commuting back and forth to work, but apprehensive about the hills.

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