Friday, December 18, 2015

The Holiday Ride

I'm not yet sure if I can handle pulling myself up hills, so Marko's been kind enough to offer to load the bikes on the back of the car and drive us to flat areas so I'll avoid the ferocious hills for the most part. Even if I'm just riding on the flat-ish parts of the city, I'm delighted to be out on the bike.

This was my first group ride in a while, and it being near the holidays, I decked the bike and my helmet out in the antlers, wreath and jingle bells to be festive. Marko decorated his bike with an entire tree on the rear rack and it looks fantastic.

Thanks to fellow Flocker Gerry for the above photos!

Marko's bike-tree and the Schenley trees light the background.

 It was REALLY cold. Well, it was cold for someone who'd not yet acclimated to riding in the cold. (I have to take great care not to injure my left arm with falls and extreme cold.)
We experienced a squall of snow nearing the end of the ride and I delighted in the snowflakes. The ride ended at OTB (Over The Bar) and there was much socializing. It was good to see friends after over a month of non-biking.

This will be the third year of antlers on the bike helmet. So much fun.

 Hopefully doctors' will give me the go ahead to cycle with no restrictions... or fewer restrictions.

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