Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bombarded and barraged

It was very windy on Thursday, I was getting knocked around a great deal. I stayed off the trails because they were even windier being right along the rivers. Everyone was respectful, even a PAT bus who passed me and stayed out of my lane... except this driver. I tried to catch up with her when she was stopped at the light ahead of me, but she pulled away and into the valet area.

Too close, lady! One gust of wind and I'll get blown under your tires!
Silver Chevy JDJ 8331 is in a big hurry to get to the Casino!
Gotta park your rear in front of that special slot machine at a certain time? Can't be late!

After that pass, I decided to put this on the back basket:

I'm not sure I like it. Opinions are welcome.

Who wants to see Herring gulls?

I'm childish, I know. Every so often, the 4 year old in me likes to run through groups of pigeons and today, it was a flock of seagulls. I had to indulge the 4 year old today. Luckily, none of them crapped on me.

WARNING! Music: Surfin' Bird by The Cramps! Turn down your speakers if you're not a fan of Surfin' Bird or The Cramps (one of the greatest bands on Earth, IMHO).

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