Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I am Pavlov's Dog.

Monday, I wasn't 100 percent.. or even 66%. I had a bad case of fatigue and angry hip. So bad in fact that I relented to the pain and took an ibuprofen, which I take very rarely. I used to take 800 mg at the mere thought of discomfort, but over the years reading so many reports of how bad NSAIDS are for us long term, I've hardened up when it comes to pain. I have to be dragging a limb, unable to stand upright or I need to see bone sticking out before I'll pop a motrin.
This was a bad day. I didn't ride. I wanted to curl up in bed with a heating pad and take a nap.
Later in the day, I was able to limp around to the side of the desk where I'd parked the bike, I noticed the rear tire had deflated.
I'd only logged 7,000 steps on the fitbit. This disappointed me, but sometimes, we just don't feel well enough. I'd logged 24K steps on Saturday and Sunday, so it evened out, I suppose.

Tuesday, there'd be no riding. I wanted to take the bike back to Thick again to get my drivetrain issues ironed out, the cadence magnet stable and let them fix my flat. I dropped it off after work. It was also my last day with my personal trainer and massage therapist, Laura. She was moving out of state in a few days. I will miss her. My piriformis will miss her more. Discovering that I needed 1300 more steps to hit my 10K target, I made an effort to move around the house more at the end of the day. It seems wearing the fitbit is changing my behavior. I check the lights and feel a sense of reward when most of them are lit up and smile broadly when I get the 10K lightshow and buzzing. Awesome.

Wednesday, Mutha Nature blanketed Pittsburgh in a slushy, crusty coating of ice, even if I had a bike, it would have been suicidal to try and ride in this cold, soupy slop. I have a new habit of using the bathrooms at work that are located furthest away from our offices with the intention of logging the extra steps. Sometimes, I use ones located upstairs. If I become permanently conditioned to doing that, this will be one small step forward. Pun intended.

Thick called to say my bike was ready. They mentioned that Chris had 'made something special' for my bar extender. What? MADE SOMETHING SPECIAL? OOooooh, this, I gotta see.

I gather that Chris dislikes when something isn't quite straight or level on a bike, he noted that my rear rack could have some pieces put on to make the rack level. I could tell it's a peeve with him. He probably couldn't stand that my bar extender was off-kilter and made some adaptation to straighten it out. I have to admit, it was bothering me too,  so I can't wait to see this thing!

I brought home the tire levers so I could practice changing a tire on the Monster. I had it done in about 10 minutes, much better than my first try. I went back downstairs to the garage to put the wheel back on and Hubby called down to me to let me know that The Macallan was eating one of my tire levers. I need to buy a pair of new tire levers when I go to Thick tomorrow. Grrrrr.

My dog ate my tire levers.

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  1. I think that your body, your dog and the weather is trying to tell you that sometimes a rest is as good as a change (of tyre)!


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