Friday, February 7, 2014

The joy of a custom bar extender

I retrieved Ruby from Thick Bikes on Thursday and beheld the awesomeness of this custom-made bar extender that Chris made for me. Dude, way to make a customer for life.

It's not straight. *twitch*

OMG, it's so... big!
Can you imagine all the stuff I can fit on there? I also picked up this tire lever and instructed the most mischievous of our three dogs about it's use.
This is not a chewtoy, Macallan.
I also FINALLY remembered to use my 10% discount for BikePGH! members. I might have saved myself a few bucks had I remembered the last two purchases there.

I was told that the reason for my shifting issues was because I'd run a ziptie for the cadence computer line around the shifting cables. Doh. That's embarrassing.

I also noticed that the hospital bracelet was still attached to the underside of the saddle. I'll have to return that the first chance I get.

The Fitbit dashboard: I like looking a the bar graph they give you mapping what times you were the most active.

I cycled between 8 and 8:30 and noon and 1PM.

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  1. Love the extender - if you fixed some shower curtain hooks on there, you could carry your shopping, too. Although possibly lop-sidedly.

    Macallan is gorgeous and clearly doesn't believe you about the lever.


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