Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My thoughts on the Fitbit Flex

I haven't been able to ride due to the weather, so I've been working on a Fitbit critique. I cannot wait for the trail ice-pack to melt.

Things I love about it:
  • It makes me move more.
  • It has a 'silent alarm' to wake me and remind me of certain things throughout the day.
  • I can track what I've eaten (I'm super lazy about this though).
  • The food tracker reminds me of how calorie dense some foods are.
  • I can compete with my friends.
  • I like the word 'dongle'.
  • It only needs charged once a week.
  • I can track my cycling by putting the bracelet through my shoelaces.
  • I love the graphs. LOVE the graphs.
  • Badges! I can earn badges!
i didn't get a harrumph outta that guy

Badges We don't need no stinking badges

Things that I'm not crazy about:

  • Tracking my sleep patterns requires a $50 upgrade to a premium membership. Boooo!
  • The bracelet color choices didn't do anything for me. Too bright! I went with black. 
  • I'm not comfortable wearing a watch AND the Fitbit. I wish I had gone with the Force model that has a built-in watch. I'm constantly looking at the Fitbit to see what time it is and getting disappointed many times a day. I really should have gone with the Force. I miss my watch.
  • They claim you can shower with it. I'm not sure Fitbit had in mind the sort of abuse I'd be inflicting on my tracker. I take the bracelet off for my scalding hot showers as a precautionary measure.

Logging my food is depressing, it's not even 3PM and I'm nearly out of calories?

I much prefer this way of looking at my calories consumed vs calories burned:
Not in the 'goal zone' but close...
I'm eating well too! (never mind the English muffin with butter.)

Bottom line:
I have to exercise like a fiend to match my calorie intake.

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