Friday, July 18, 2014

Bananas for Flock

Thursday I rode back to Conflict Kitchen and finally got my shredded beef, beans rice and plantains. NOM. I rarely get to have Latino cuisine, hubby never takes us to those restaurants, his adventure into exotic food goes as far as Asian/Chinese (yawn) and Indian.
After I left, I got the closest buzz to date I've ever had the pleasure of encountering.

There's the front view and the rear view, they came within 10 inches of me. Jeez.

On Friday, I was all set to go to a Pirates game with hubby, I was certain we had tickets and it was on my calendar. I need a calendar, I'm not so good at remembering dates long term.
So, when I asked him what time we should meet after work, he said to me: "Um, we don't have tickets, do you have your days confused again?"
I was rather disappointed in myself for screwing up another scheduled event, I'm getting really bad with this memory stuff!

The good news was, I could go to Flock! I'd missed it the last 2 months and was delighted not to be missing 3 months in a row.

On the way there, hubby called me: "You were right, we do have tickets for tonight's game." I was sad we were wasting tickets, but glad I wasn't losing my mind.
Oh, wait... hubby's starting to lose his faculties! *Sigh* I guess I signed up for that marrying someone 14 years my senior.

I had a chance to enjoy MORE of Conflict Kitchen's deliciousness. I had a fish salad and more fried bananas while I chatted with Marko, PaulB and Ian.

Flock was awesome as usual. I got to see a few more parts of Pittsburgh I hadn't before. I was amazed at how torn up Penn Avenue was. It looks like they're doing an archaeological dig!

"Hey, Marko, that camera's recording us right now. How much ya wanna to bet this shows up on her blog?"

LOVE PaulB's hi-viz pink. It's not just for the ladies, fellas.

K and VB practice 'Bicycle Face'

These ladies suspected I had a camera on the bike. They weren't wrong.

I had to bail the ride early and head back so hubby would have to pick me up well after his bedtime. On the way there I encountered a child trying to steer his bike down Liberty Ave in Bloomfield carrying a bag and a half case of Pepsi and failing. I stopped and asked if he needed help, I mean, look kid, I have panniers! Don't kill yourself! But he declined my assistance, he said he wasn't very far from home.

Pepsi Kid:

A very good evening, seeing friends again. 19 miles.


  1. Bicycle face? Oh no! Note to self: practice more flattering facial expressions.

    1. No! While our faces might convey a "I'm concentrating very hard on avoiding potholes and not crashing into the bike in front of me!", the inner self is experiencing sheer bliss! I like Bikeyface's twist on BF: BF was just a ploy to keep women off of bicycles and subjugated. Don't fall for it!


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