Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Biking the Golden Gate Bridge

We rented bikes with the intention of riding over the Golden Gate Bridge and back. They gave us 7 speeds, which was adequate for the mostly flat trails along the bay.

This was Hubby's first time on a bike in 40 years, and I could tell. The first bike they gave me went almost flat a few yards out of the lot, I went back and they switched my bike out for one with air in the tires.

Fog is 100% humidity and it poofed up my hair. :(

Alcatraz in the background:
 Suicide phone:
Hubby threatend to use it if I pushed him too hard along the route.

We got a few "Go Pirates!" from passing pedestrians and cyclists. Much fun watching Hubby wobble around on his bike, he stayed behind me most of the way, letting me lead.
I had the Fly6 camera in the seatpost, so I'll be interested to see the video when I get back home.
We saw cormorants, turkey vultures, egrets and a dabbling duck.
10 miles total.

A bike specific traffic light. So cool.

One could also rent eliptical bikes.
Note one of the members of this group making sure his snot locker was cleaned out before they were under way.
Now I know why my grips felt sticky. 

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