Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trendy things: Hi-Viz is cool with the kids

Made the rounds at the Waterfront and got more "Get on the bike trail!!" directions.

I'm noticing a trend amongst those who blurt out this type of advice or beep at me:

  • On their way to McDonald's.
  • On their way to GetGo for smokes.
  • In a pickup truck.
  • Looks like a Duck Dynasty or Honey Boo Boo cast member.

*Shrug* Just observations.

Another trend I'm noticing is how popular hi-viz has become with the kids. From sneakers to clothing.

Since I fit into a youth large (essentially a women's medium), I decided to shop in the boys section of a department store today when I saw a large number of brightly colored wicking clothing. You'll often find me scouring the men's departments for smalls and the kids' racks for larges. It's all the same.
The good thing is, I don't feel quite so dorky blinding people with my clothing.

New unfinished mural spotted!

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