Friday, July 25, 2014

Critical Mass goes West and I get my QOM back.

Well attended... there was our leader Stu and Marko, Mikhail, KD, Buffalo2 and Yale. We did have another woman who I'd not yet met, but she dropped off not long after the group met me at the Carnegie Science Center. No issues other than impatient drivers on the McKees Rocks bridge.

This picture doesn't do the hill justice.

The Steuben Street hill was my most challenging climb so far. I looked up as we approached and feared I'd be walking the bike up that thing. I toughed it out, but my thighs are rather angry with me the next day. I had one short bout of muscle cramps a few hours afterwards. I'll live. I'm getting much better at hills.

HOW does Endomondo know I was cycling with Mikhail?!?

I bothered to update Strava and learned I've regained both my Queen of the Mountain titles on Polish Hill. So awesome. When I first lost my QOM to someone, I thought I'd never beat her time, but I have. Yes, I'm definitely getting better at hills.

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