Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bike-friendly and Not-so-bike-friendly

Wanting to patronize bike friendly businesses, I stopped at Mitchell's at the Waterfront. I locked up at the water cooler and went in for a bite and a drink. I decided to stay in the bar as my attire probably didn't meet a dress code standard. My bartender was awesome, friendly and said all the right things... like 'atta girl' when I ordered a whiskey and 'you earned it' when he brought the mussels and bread with butter.
*drool* buuutterrr...

He noted my helmet asked where I rode from. He must ask that a great deal. He asked if I'd seen the water station outside and I said "Why yes, we love it! It's wonderful!"
He proceeded to tell me a story... frequently, the water isn't ready until after 10AM when the staff rolls in. One morning a grumpy cyclist was out at the cooler asking where the water was.

Front view:

Rear view:

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