Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bike racks and skills clinic

Today, finally, with all the legwork, approvals, estimates, research, etc... the boss approved the funds for the purchase of a bike rack for our office. Powder-coated orange and with our logo! I can't wait to see it when it's installed.

I headed out after work to the Wheel Mill for Karen Brooks' women's bike clinic. On the way past PNC Park (I took this route to avoid the militant "Walk Your Bike!" stance at Point State park for the Regatta) and noticed that the Pirates have installed the racks they promised me. I tweeted my joy and gratitude over them.

I was Karen's only pupil, so I got much attention.  She had me doing obstacles, bike/body separation,  curbs, bunny hops (I'm not very good at those) and I had an amazing breakthrough when she taught me how to "steer with your chin". Wow, I was able to corner so much more tightly and remain balanced when I employed this simple technique. An awesome hour. Well worth riding in sweltering heat in a questionable neighborhood.

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