Saturday, November 8, 2014

More Egyptian things and reflector rummaging

I had some free time after work on Thursday to roll down to an opening of a bike shop in East Liberty called Sayle housed in the Banker Supply Co/FIKS:Reflective compound. Hey, free food and drink and I ran into a few familiar faces too. I was also tempted to get some yellow reflective stickers for the winter helmet. I removed the red reflectives from the helmet and replaced them with yellow ones. This makes me happy: the yellow color coordination.

The FIKS van. Wait? A van with free candy?
Fizz lurks behind the DJ and the Free Candy Van.

On Friday, while on my lunch hour and waiting at a light, someone recognized the Fly6 on the back of the bike and gave a shout-out from a fellow Fly6 owner.

Then on Saturday, I had the whole day to myself to float around the city.

I needed some caffeine refreshment:
Coffeeneuring #9
The I headed over to Allegheny Cemetery again (last week, I'd paid a visit to the Winter Sphinx and had since learned there are even more Egyptian-themed tombs) to find some more Egyptian-themed graves. Here's the Huhn Pyramid:

I was curious about the wording at the bottom of the pyramid, it appears these folks were Freemasons.

In keeping with the Egyptian-themed day, I stopped in Homewood to capture these murals.

Wow at the details and realism here.

Then off to Free Ride to find some amber reflectors for the sides of the rear basket. I laughed at all the reflectors on the bike hanging in the entrance, then wondered how carried away I was getting with Fizz's reflectors.

Get a load of all these reflectors!

I was able to rummage around in the boxes of reflectors they had and find only 3 amber reflectors. I did find a nice large matching trio of red, white and amber that I think will work great for the basket. Ideally, I wanted 2 matching amber reflectors, but having a white one on one side and an amber one on the other isn't going to kill me. I got the set of three and made a donation to Free Ride before going over to the Co-Op for lunch.
They have the best cold salads at the Co-Op: I got an Lebanese chickpea salad and a wheatberry/cranberry salad. So very good.

The Mother's Bread advertisement mural or 'Ghost Sign' on Polish Hill was recently defaced with graffiti by some total jagoffs.
I'd passed by this many times and wanted to get a photo of it, and hadn't yet carved out time. A shame that some inconsiderate twits had to ruin it.

This quote from the building's owner says it all: “*Real* graffiti artists have the sense not to put their tags on somebody’s personal property and not over something cooler than what they’re going to do themselves."

Christmas is apparently in full bloom:

When I got back to base, I zip-tied my 3 'new' reflectors to the basket:

22 miles. I'm getting re-acclimated to the cold.


  1. I found that an auto parts store is a great source for excellent reflectors which come pre-stickied. They are sometimes better than the official regulation bike reflectors which have those angled faces.

    1. Yes, I'm noticing that only part of this set of these angled/beveled reflectors lights up depending on which angle the light is coming from. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I could just add more reflectors. Woohoo!


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