Saturday, November 15, 2014

A dull salmon and "None Shall Pass."

I wanted to get over to REI for that sale they're having, so I risked driving through 'tunnel closure traffic' on my return back home to get some riding in and bring the bike back home for the Ghost Bike Memorial ride tomorrow.

As I headed through the North Shore, I encountered the Color Run 5K. Oh, hell. Should I take North Shore Drive and ride with the flow of runners? Should I stay on the RiverWalk and ride contraflow against all these people walking/running down there?
I made a bad decision. I felt like an ass when I saw the increasing volume of runners coming at me and got out of there as soon as I could.
I was the least colorfully dressed of the bunch as it turns out, an odd feeling.

 I wanted to stay out of traffic to give my knee a break from the stress of starting and stopping at intersections, so I wanted to use the Fort Pitt Bridge/Station Square trail, however, PENNDOT felt it necessary to use the sidewalks to erect the "Tunnel's Closed" signage. Brilliant.
40MPH? Good one. Everything's moving at 4MPH.

WARNING: salty language in the video.

I move for no man.

I had to hoist the front end of the bike over the barrier just to turn around: the PedPath is so narrow you can't turn a bike around on it.
Not long after that, my knee didn't like what I was doing and told me to stop riding my bike. I discarded the notion of making it to REI or riding 10 miles tomorrow and left Fizz at work. The traffic heading back home with the tunnel closed was a nightmare.

An interesting day, however. I clocked just under 6 miles on the bike.

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