Monday, November 3, 2014

Bike storage construction, 'my' bike ramp and reflectivity

For some time now, I've been reluctant to store Fizz in the office building's bike storage area. They've been doing some serious remodeling and the workers are not timid about moving a bike in a rough fashion while it's still locked to the racks. I'm certain that's how my clip-on  rack basket got twice damaged: when someone lifted Ruby by the basket instead of grasping by the rack or saddle. I was able to repair it with Threadlocker, but I've learned to remove the basket while it's in storage.
When I've made appearances in the loading dock where the bikes are stored, the construction workers make joking comments that they're working on "A bike ramp: just for you!". I laughed this off, surely this ramp will be multi-purpose and serve as a delivery entrance too.

Well, the ramp and new entrance are almost finished, here's some shots.

The old ramp is discarded in the foreground, made of metal, steep and slippery when wet.

New, concrete ramp with a more forgiving grade. It just needs a railing.

The new door to the new ramp.

Ruby, on the left, is covered in construction dust.

Old entrance.

So, while all this is going on Fizz stays stored in my office in addition to the custom-logo bike rack. I've been making changes to Fizz too. While I absolutely refuse to put reflective stickers on Fizz's frame or fenders, I have no issues with making components and accessories reflective.
Now that the basket's been repaired, I can use it again, and I really missed having the rear basket. It's perfect for trips to get takeout lunch and keep it level and leak-free.

I love my rear basket.

A Portland Design Works reflector/fender light was installed by Thick Bikes and I attached two large reflectors with zip ties to the rack basket:

A slow moving vehicle triangle and reflective tape added to the Fly6 mount:

I added iron-on reflective tape to my rear saddle bag. 

I've got a few FIKS: Reflective stickers on my helmet and my Timbuk2 bag has a huge reflective band and shoulder strap.

 The Rickshaw basket bag comes with a large reflective band.

My u-lock holster (on the front rack) and seat-post barrel bag came with reflective strips. 

Where'd I get the supplies?
Reflectors, 3M tape and refective safety tape: Home Depot... in the mailbox section.
Iron-on reflective tape: Fabric/Craft store... Michael's or JoAnne
Helmet stickers: FIKS: REFLECTIVE
Bags: Timbuk2 and Rickshaw Bagworks

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