Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Handmade saddle cover and tsotchke-kidnapping

I got a message that the Brooks saddle cover that Chrissy offered to make was ready.

I wish I had skills like this.

So, after work I rode over to Thick to say hello to the folks there and check out this saddle cover.

On the way there, my mission was to get abduction shots of a co-worker's desk tsotchke: her ugly-ass lotion dispenser. Yes, while a co-worker is on vacation or has a birthday (or is just asking for it), it's our job to mess with them in some way.  
Never on April Fools' Day. That's too obvious; too cliche'.

I blindfolded Lotion Lady, created a ransom note and took it on a photo-tour of the city.

OMG, they're going to run her over with the bike if their demands aren't met!

I arrived at Thick, the saddle cover is perfect, save the fact that I use the strap slots on the back of the saddle for the barrel bag and they prevent the cover from fitting nicely in the back. I'll have to attach the barrel bag differently... or turn it into a handlebar bag perhaps?

Now, I can rest easy when I leave Fizz out in the rain.

Love this bit of Veterans' Day patriotism:

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