Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bonus Coffeeneuring, Winter Sphinx and popcorn pursuits.

Another sunny but cold Sunday: I had to get out there.

I rode out to Lawrenceville and on the North Shore, passed a couple getting what I figured was a "We're getting engaged and smooching in front of this spectacular city skyline" photo shoot. I zipped passed, hoping not to interrupt the shot, (sadly, I think I did) and the photographer called out to me (oh jeez, I've really done it now!) "Hey, Colleen!"
Wha!? He knows me? It was NoahP! I turned back briefly, said hello and went on my way.

Stopped at the Dero repair stand at BikePGH! for some air in my tires and walked over to Crazy Mocha for a bathroom and refill of some Brown Gold.

Dancing goats at Crazy Mocha.

My ultimate mission today was to find some bulk organic popping corn and I was meandering towards the East End Co-Op for some. I had prepared and brought containers for it. I discovered that Marty's Market in the Strip removed their bulk foods section, which was distressing. I'd have to go to Whole Foods or the Co-Op.
I found it a greater challenge to get out to the Co-Op and decided to go there. I'd not been out that far on my own; on group rides, yes... but doing it by myself would be a challenge to not make a wrong turn and get lost.

I cut through the cemetery and as I entered I knew it would be glorious with the changing leaves. It didn't disappoint.
I'd wanted to visit the Egyptian-Themed tomb of Mr Emil Winter
The blue skies and vibrant leaves made a nice contrasting background for the white granite of the mausoleum.

I had generally pleasant travels with the exception of this NY state Volkswagen getting much too close for my liking.

I've been seeing "VOTE!" scarves all over the city. I found this one in Homewood
I made it to the Co-Op and by then, I had worked up an appetite. I needed food. For the record: the Co-Op's 'Terrific Tofu Salad' is so incredibly garlicky that even with 2 toothbrushings, a gallon of water and a stick of gum later, I still reek of garlic. It was very good though. Well worth it.
Hippy lunch

Popcorn objective: achieved!
I rode back through Squirrel Hill and Oakland and then out to the Waterfront and back.
I stopped at Target and actually found a bike rack there. It was buried in the shopping carts.

By now I was getting cold and tired and it occurred to me that today was the first day of that wholly nonsensical tradition of Daylight Savings Time and it would be darker earlier than anyone's used to. Every year, I'm caught off guard by how early the sun goes down. Every day for the next week, I'll say at sundown: "OMG, it's only 5:30!"

Again, I'm finding myself in the midst of football tailgating mayhem.
I decided to take the RiverWalk instead of the streets this time, but they're partying ON THE TRAIL?
How is this permitted? I had to squeeze through a line of people getting fixins for their burgers and hot dogs!
Ding! Ding! DING! DING!

I was half tempted to cut in line and grab a burger as I zipped passed.

35 miles and I didn't get lost once!

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