Friday, April 4, 2014

'Volunteerism' needs a 'U'

Left early today to head down to Friends of the Waterfront and help with the GASP/RASP program only to find out that it was postponed due to the weather. No worries, I just rode in the rain. It was torrential at times and rather windy. The cape didn't do too much blowing around. I got a "Nice cape!" from another cyclist also out in the rain. That brought a big smile to my face.

Waiting at the Terminal building when the rain started.

On my lunch hour ride I was happy to see that the casino has installed water-filled plastic Jersey barriers! This is a step up and in the right direction in keeping cars off the trail.
Excellent work, Rivers casino! 

The bufflehead ducks were back too. I spent a few minutes watching them. Why couldn't they have been there yesterday when I had the good camera ready to get shots of them?

My co-workers think I'm insane to ride in the rain. I love it. I aimed for puddles like a 5 year old splashing about in her galoshes. Wheeee!

More volunteerism:

At the non-profit I work for, fundraising season is fast upon us. We've got a Walk event coming up soon. It is very hectic around here. Volunteers abound!

So, for the heck of it, here's two bikey folks I know who are participating in upcoming charity rides:

 Daniel's Las Vegas Tour De Cure

Kudos, gentlemen!
My only experience with charity rides is working them: a sea of 800 men in spandex bike shorts. I love my job.

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