Saturday, April 12, 2014

Walk, Bike, Hide

Saturday was the day of our Walk fundraiser. I biked there and back to the office, not too far, just 4 miles, but worth it to say to myself: "I'm getting PAID to ride my bike."

After a long day of working to herd 3500 people through lines and hauling boxes, I felt the insane notion to get on the bike. I also learned yet again, that no one can hear a 5 foot tall woman with a small voice shouting instructions in a large crowd; I really need a megaphone ...and a cattle prod.

It was warm and I wanted to try out the new saddle position I spent 45 minutes re-adjusting on Friday. I nearly injured myself trying to unfasten the bolt that was tightened with man-strength, but I was determined and tenacious. I was fed up with my saddle issues and needed to do something. I moved the saddle forward hopeful that it would help.

I"m reluctant to go out of doors in shorts, my legs are translucent white and not my best feature. I'd purchased some skirts to hide the shorts and the hideousness that is my thighs. I was surprised not to feel uncomfortable in the bike shorts and skirt. Co-workers told me they thought it was cute. Cool.

The saddle position seems to be a vast improvement! I can't figure out why suddenly one day it became painful, but I hope the adjustment works long term.

I headed over to Thick to see if a new helmet I'd ordered came in, but it wasn't. No loss, I got a nice 12 mile ride in on a lovely sunny day.

Where will I put the Pirates logo?

I need a cooler helmet in the summer, so I went with this white one with larger vents. The black one I use now is a sweat bucket when it's warm. Chris was surprised at the size I asked him to order, I have one of those abnormally large Irish heads. I need a special size.

Chris's wife was taking a break outside of Thick and said she liked my skirt too. Two compliments in one day? Cool.

On the way back I noted this giant spider on a house. Halloween is a year-round thing here, I guess!

16 miles wedged into a day of toil.

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