Friday, April 11, 2014

New roost = new routes

Tonight, we're going to look at a house. Hubby's bringing the checkbook just in case we really like it. With a move comes the potential for new places to ride. I like this.

I've already mapped out a route and checked out the rideabilty of roads near this house. I hope my exuberance doesn't jinx us. *crosses fingers* *knocks on wood* The path looked very good with the exception of crossing Rt19. No room on the side of the road there. Urgh.

I've amused myself that I find this a priority.

Weight loss:

Coming along nicely. I had to cinch my new riding pants with a belt today. The damned things were falling off. I can't imagine that riding with a belt will be comfortable, but the pants have beltloops, so I suppose folks do it.

Fitbit tells me I average 5.5 hours of sleep on weeknights. Shocking, I thought I was getting more sleep. How am I functioning? *takes a sip of coffee* Oh, never-mind.

A co-worker said to me in the hall today: "Speegs, you just keep getting tinier and tinier! Must be the bike riding!" 
I average 10 miles/11K steps per day, so that helps, yes.

That made my day.

However, something tells me that with the upheaval of a move, I'll be doing a great deal of stress eating.

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